Why Study Advisor?

Why Study Advisor?

We understand the difficulties inherent in recruiting international students and complying with changing visa policies. Backed by data from 10,000 international student applications, our machine learning and artificial intelligence software tests a student’s eligibility and directs them through a streamlined, personalised, and efficient application and visa process. This saves institutions an enormous amount of time and assures greater reliability in student recruitment and support.

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How it works

How it works

Student Eligibility Assessed by AI

Students’ ability and eligibility is accurately measured by our AI Study Score. Our AI algorithm analyses data from over 10,000 student visa sources to conveniently and efficiently measure each student’s capacity to enrol in your courses and programmes.

A Comprehensive Application Support Platform

Our dedicated decision-making algorithms streamline the application and enrolment process. Students receive a personalised course eligibility report and are supported step by step in connecting with the right programmes, advisors, and visa options.

Reliable Study Abroad Advisors

AI is only as good as the education advisors who support it. Our experienced study advisors understand your courses, visa regulations, and all aspects of international student life in Australia. These advisors use Email, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Kakao talk, and other methods to keep in close contact with students and institutions.

Optimise Student Recruitment

Optimise Student Recruitment

How much can you save on student recruitment?

Student recruitment is a necessary investment, but it can be costly. How can you optimise your ROI on your recruitment investment? Essentially, you will need to focus on the most vital marketing channels that will draw in the highest number of qualified prospective students for every dollar you spend. In a competitive market, research has shown that an investment in effective online recruitment strategies can be more than twice as effective as an investment in other marketing channels. (Reference: Study Portal here)

For example, the average investment in an overseas education fair amounts to at least $10,000 per quarter and results in perhaps 30 leads, yet it provides an uncertain return in terms of turning leads into enrolments. An online marketing cost of $6,000 per quarter allows for more measurable leads, focused engagement with students, and quality enrolments.*

If you use Study Advisor’s services, you will benefit from a dedicated and AI-driven online marketing investment. It aims to deliver:

  • Clear results with measurable ROI
  • Targeted marketing which reduces costs and improves focus on specific student demographics
  • A competitive student visa rate

* Disclosure: Numbers are indicative of general trends, so please note conversion rates will vary for individual universities.

Estimate your reach to the prospective students

ROI Calculator

Online Marketing 13 Leads
$ 2,000
$ 10,000
$ 40,000
Partner Agents 7 Leads
$ 2,000
$ 10,000
$ 40,000
Education Fair 3 Leads
$ 2,000
$ 10,000
$ 40,000
Total marketing cost
$ 30,000
Estimate students you can reach

How Study Advisor can help you

How Study Advisor can help you

Analyse your historical enrolment data

We analyse your admissions and course data to evaluate visa trends, applications, and matching partner agencies. Based on this, we review your recruitment strategy and formulate a plan to generate more leads from international students who match with your institution’s programmes.

Equip your enrolment website with our AI

Our AI Study Score can be embedded in your website or enquiry form. This will enhance the efficiency and reliable of your student recruitment process. You can also receive enquiries from potential students and AI test results from our website via email.

Build your brand online for FREE

Want to try our AI services before you commit? We totally understand. Add your institution’s information to our site’s extensive database for FREE, and appear in hundreds of searches made by potential students. You will receive the AI Study Score results of the first 3 students who enquire about your courses for no charge.


  • What technology is behind our service?

    Utilising Google’s machine learning (ML) technology, our predictive model forecasts which students are most likely to apply and enrol in your programmes and then assesses their eligibility based on an extensive pool of data. The AI analysis of this forecast helps your institution make more informed decisions about student recruitment, which in turn results in a more cost-effective recruitment strategy.

  • What ROI does Study Advisor deliver?

    Unlike most online education platforms, we go well beyond merely generating student applications. Study Advisor generates both a prescriptive assessment of student eligibility and actual student applications and enquiries. Your university will receive both AI Study Score results and direct enquiries from students around the world through digital channels, as well as the necessary support to follow this up by phone, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat and email at every stage of the enrolment process.

  • How to begin?

    Register an institution account with your business email. When you finish registration, a member of our dedicated team will contact you to verify the information and assist you in making the most of our services.

    To inquire about a partnership with Study Advisor, please contact us at partner@studyadvisor.com.au

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