Study in Australia | Sydney, New South Wales


New South Wales (NSW) lies on the east coast of Australia and borders three states; Queensland to the north, Victoria to the south and South Australia to the west. Sydney, the NSW state capital, is the largest city in Australia. NSW has a diverse population and is the most populous state in Australia – home to 7.5 million people.

Why study in NSW

NSW is home to world-class universities, research organisations, vocational education and training institutions, including Government-owned Technical and Further Education Institutes (TAFE). We also have a wide range of Australia's leading private education and training providers and English language colleges as well as secondary schools (both Government and independent) all offering the highest quality, cutting edge and industry-relevant education experiences.

Our education system offers a wide variety of courses and degrees. We enjoy a strong global reputation for internationally respected qualifications, high quality teaching and research, cultural diversity – all within a safe and welcoming study environment.

  • The wide range of educational facilities in NSW provides a solid return on your educational investment
  • Of the top 500 Australian companies, 45% are based in NSW, which means there are wide range of employment opportunities available during and after you have finished studying
  • NSW is a pluralistic society, with a large proportion of the population born overseas
  • 32% of Sydneysiders (people who live in Sydney) speak a second language, and there are 200+ languages spoken in Sydney
  • NSW is home to excellent entertainment and sporting venues, fresh food markets, wineries and cultural centres, so there's plenty to do in your spare time
  • The NSW economy is booming - larger than that of Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.

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