Living and studying in an English-speaking country is without a doubt the ideal way to develop natural English speaking skills.

International students need to meet English language entry requirements in order to enrol in a degree. If you lack the sufficient English skills, we can help. Our trusted partners’ English preparation programmes improve your English, provide internship opportunities, and open pathways to finding a place at the higher education institution of your choice.

English Language Course (ELICOS)

English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) are designed to cater for international students of all abilities. If English is your second language or if you want to continue on to further education, you will need to enrol in an ELICOS course to develop your English language skills.

You must complete an ELICOS course before entry into VET, university or higher education courses. The Australian English language industry is highly regulated to ensure that all students receive a high level of instruction.

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