How we can help agencies

How we can help agencies

We provide a cutting edge digital platform that will leverage your existing resources to improve lead generation. Starting with our AI Study score test and search platform, your agency will efficiently transition to digital student contact, evaluation, and acquisition.

We also provide optimized digital marketing to boost your exposure to thousands of prospective students, nurture leads, and build organic relationships. Social media and email campaigns, customized content, search engine optimization (SEO), and analytics reporting will amplify your agency’s online reach.

Our team of advisors are ready to discuss with you which services will work best to achieve your goals.

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How it works

How it works

Develop your online presence

We recognise that our partner agencies are as diverse as our international students. Many do not have sufficient resources to manage and expand their online presence. Study advisor addresses this by designing a custom landing page for your agency on our website. This microsite collates featured services, provides multi-language support, links to social media, and is promoted to prospective students.

Enhance your student acquisition process

Competition among education agencies to attract prospective students is increasing. In order to remain competitive, agencies must evolve to meet the sector’s increasing reliance on digital platforms and marketing. This means taking advantage of the latest user experience (UX) and interface (UI) expectations, customer relationship management (CRM) processes, customer journey maps, and mobile and app functionality.

Boost your online exposure

Study advisor not only provides agencies with a seamless digital platform for student contact and acquisition. When paired with our AI Study Score and search portal, this will help you connect with the right students at right the moment in their decision-making journey, and will then present them with an efficient and effective means of contact.

Our team of advisors are ready to discuss with you which services will work best to achieve your goals.


  • How is your service free for agencies?

    We do not charge our students for our services. Likewise, your agency listing on our AI-supported online search portal ( and your curated agency landing page are also free of charge. We raise funds by sharing the commission for each student who successfully enrols. This allows us to continue providing high-end digital solutions while building more and more student-institution-agency connections.

  • What technology is behind our service?

    Utilising Google’s machine learning (ML) technology, our predictive model forecasts which students are most likely to apply and enrol in your programmes and then assesses their eligibility based on an extensive pool of data. The AI analysis of this forecast helps your institution make more informed decisions about student recruitment, which in turn results in a more cost-effective recruitment strategy.

  • How to begin?

    Register an agency account with your business email. When you finish registration, a member of our dedicated team will contact you to verify the information and assist you in making the most of our services.

    To inquire about a partnership with Study Advisor, please contact us at

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