Study Advisor connects international students, education institutions, and agencies with a dedicated online platform that boasts unique AI solutions. Based in Australia, we recognise the potential of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) in bringing the right students to right universities and agencies all around the globe. Our platform helps students find courses, assesses their study eligibility using AI-testing, and connects them with the best suited programmes, universities and agencies. It streamlines and equips students with end-to-end digital support in the visa application, programme application, and enrolment process. Institutions benefit from a highly efficient means of attracting and enrolling highly qualified students from all around the globe, while agencies are equipped with a dedicated, customized AI-supported platform for their business.

Our mission is to bring the best students to the best institutions through a simplified application process. This is reliant on both our remarkable AI-driven technology and our team of education experts. Our success is measured by our students’ success. We understand each student’s needs. We match them to the right courses. We remove obstacles standing in the way of their study goals. We make their dreams of studying abroad a reality. Continue reading to learn more about our current partners and how we can help promote you to potential students across the globe.

Where do we send our students?

Study Advisor is partnered with many of Australia’s finest universities, colleges, and language centres. An education in Australia can transform lives and bring new options for international students. We understand the value and importance of this, and hence through our partnerships with these institutions we aim to help create meaningful connections and brighter futures for students from around the globe.

How can we help you?

Our tested AI and team of experts work together to process student applications, and we ensure that each and every student application is financially and academically approved before we send it to you. This saves institutions a considerable amount of time and resources.

We constructed our AI powered platform in order to fill a gap in digital education services market. Our use of AI collates, measures, and aligns the interests of our students and our partner institutions, matching students with suitable programmes in a manner that is intuitive, personalised, and accurate. The platform is built on data from more than 10,000 admissions and is designed to add greater efficiency, adaptability, and reliability to the application process, resulting in success for both students and education institutions.


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Study Advisor offers global marketing and recruiting opportunities for education partners. Increase your student enrolments through our unique AI-driven services.